My approach to psychotherapy

Therapy is a collaborative effort of both therapist and client.  In therapy, I strive to achieve an attuned understanding of your experience and concerns.  From that position of mutual understanding, we can best explore and practice more effective and rewarding ways of living.

While much of my training is based on understanding and interpretive theory (the psychodynamic approach), I have also developed an expertise in cognitive behavior techniques, clinical hypnosis, EMDR, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  The practice of mindfulness, which teaches us to bring awareness to ourselves and to the present moment, has also been an important influence on work.  In addition, the use of the skills from the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy has helped many clients become more effective in achieving their goals, accepting unavoidable pain, and living according to their values.  I believe in an inter-subjective approach in which the client and I work together closely to explore and achieve the changes desired.  My aim is to work as a team to reduce pain and increase a sense of fulfillment and potential.


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